When you get moving, where will you end up in the future?

Creating excellent experiences together

We believe that the targeted use of trendsetting technologies and continuous further development enable us to create excellent experiences for employees and clients alike. A company that can strike the perfect balance between the human element, technology and the environment is ideally placed to enjoy long-term success in the future too.



Creating Great Experiences

We identify the ideal combination of in-house infrastructure, cloud technology and modern collaboration tools on which to base your digital success. Taking human, environmental and technological considerations into account, we create excellent experiences.
To achieve this, it is vital to follow the right course from the outset as we head into the digital future. To implement a successful cloud-based approach, businesses need to do more than just select the right operating model; they also have to address issues such as governance and identity, information and security management.

A business′s ability to cope with constant change is determined not just by its corporate culture, but by the mindset of its staff and management too. Aspects such as these need to be addressed as part of the change management process. This is the only way to ensure excellent experiences for our employees.

The Netrics compass is designed to give you the guidance you need throughout your journey. Our standardized approach enables us to work with you to achieve effective and quantifiable results – within a short space of time. Continuous further development gives you the digital edge.

Netrics Group establishes independent consulting boutique «AliceBlue»

The Netrics Group has founded an independent consulting boutique based in Basel under the name AliceBlue AG. For the expansion of its existing consulting business, it was able to win over a powerful team with well-known personalities from the Swiss IT industry. AliceBlue specializes in long-term customer support in the area of digital skills development and offers services related to the digitalization of the workplace.

About Netrics

Netrics is the partner for digital transformation, the Modern Workplace, and the Cloud. Netrics generates great experiences for employees and customers through the targeted use of future-oriented technologies that include the human aspect. The Netrics Group, with around 140 experts, operates as a cloud and ICT service provider with a nationwide presence in Switzerland and paves the way to a digital future.

About AliceBlue

AliceBlue provides services around the further development of digital working. It offers its customers a comprehensive service package ranging from strategy consulting, culture development, and technology implementation to operational models for cloud technologies in the workplace.


Team – we create excellent experiences

This is the focus behind everything the team at Netrics does for you.

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Pascal Kocher CEO

T +41 58 531 31 65

In 2001, after completing a degree in Business Administration, Pascal Kocher joined the Accounting team at Ernst & Young AG in Bern, before going on to qualify as a certified accountant in 2005. Before moving to in4U AG in 2012, Mr Kocher served as a senior manager at Ernst & Young AG, with responsibility for listed and international corporations in particular. After 7 years as Group CFO of Netrics, he took over the role of CEO as of the beginning of 2023 and now leads the group operationally.

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Michael Siber CBDO

T +41 44 872 20 21

Having trained in business, Michael Siber began working in telecommunications in 1997. He has held a series of executive posts, including Head of Business Development at Swisscom Wholesale, Product & Partner Manager at Callahan Broadband Wireless Inc., VP of Marketing & Sales at Tiscali (Schweiz) AG and Managing Director at a subsidiary of the Smart Telecom Group. He also earned a BSc in Business Administration. In 2008, he became a Managing Partner at nexellent ag, where he headed the merger with the Netrics Group. Today, he is the Chief Business Development Officer and a Member of the Executive Board at Netrics AG with responsibility for Sales, Marketing and Service Management.

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Dominic Rösti CTO

T +41 58 531 31 62

After an apprenticeship as an electronic technician and software engineer studies, Dominic Rösti joined an IT startup. After the takeover of the startup by the Crealogix Group, he accompanied the consolidation and M&A strategy in various responsible roles for 17 years until the company became a Gartner Top 100 Fintech company. He was instrumental in shaping and contributing to the Agile culture and organizational development towards an international Agile organization. In November 2019, he joined Netrics as Head of DevOps and successfully established DevOps in the company. From October 2021, he will take on the role of CTO and will be responsible for the entire production of the Netrics Group as a member of the Strategic Management.

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Daniel Kocher CSDO

T +41 58 531 31 41

Daniel Kocher entered the field of computer science after completing his degree as an electrical engineer FH. He held various responsible positions, including Head of Software Customizing and Head of Technical Project Management at Ascom Autelca, as well as Head of All Virtual Touchpoints at SBB IT. During this time, he completed further education in software engineering and an Executive MBA in General Management. Since 2019, he worked at Baeriswyl Tschanz & Partner AG as a Senior Project Manager and member of the management board, later serving as COO and Deputy CEO. In May 2023, he joined the Netrics Group as the Chief Service Delivery Officer and a member of the strategic management team. He is responsible for the implementation, continuous improvement, and assurance of IT services and solutions for the Netrics Group.

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Marco Zahnd CFO

T +41 58 531 31 66

After graduating with a degree in business administration, Marco Zahnd worked for several years in finance at REHAU before joining Swisscom as an internal auditor. In 2002, he joined Comfone AG, an internationally active SME service provider in the mobile telecommunications sector, where he initially worked as Group Controller before taking on the role of CFO in 2005. After more than 10 years in telecommunications, Marco Zahnd joined the purchasing organization of the REHAU Group as CFO after completing his master's degree in corporate finance. For two years he accompanied the merger and integration of REHAU GmbH with MB Barter AG to MERAXIS AG, before he took over the CFO role at the Netrics Group on January 1, 2023.

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Daniel Reisacher CISO

T +41 58 531 31 74

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Thomas Anderegg Head of Service Management

T +41 58 531 31 90

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Stephan Ging Head of Sales

T +41 58 531 31 31

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Enrico Goldhahn Head of Portfoliomanagement

T +41 44 872 20 26

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Marco Gunziger Head of Service- & Account Management/ Site Manager Bern

T +41 31 550 05 00

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René Harcsa Head of Process & Quality Management

T +41 58 531 31 56

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Sabine Meyer Head of HR

T +41 58 531 31 71

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Stefan Peter Head of Marketing and Alliances

T +41 44 872 20 22

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Jens Nyffenegger Head of Infrastructure and Network Services

T +41 31 550 05 33

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Christian Abt Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

T +41 58 531 31 40

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Bea Allenspach Inside Sales

T +41 44 872 20 40

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Roland Bayard Senior Sales Manager

T +41 31 550 05 11

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Bruno Ganarin Account Manager

T +41 31 550 05 00

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Patricia Gomes Alliance Manager

T +41 44 872 20 39

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Mischa N. Hächler Sales Manager

T +41 44 872 20 23

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Cristian Leusciatti Key Account Manager

T +41 44 872 20 38

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Jan Liechti Account Manager

T +41 31 550 05 00

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Patrice Lüscher Sales Manager

T +41 58 531 31 51

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Florian Schick Managing Partner at Bregal Unternehmerkapital GmbH


Philipp Freyschlag Director at Bregal Unternehmerkapital GmbH


Pascal Kocher Group CEO Netrics


Pascal Schmid Member Board of Directors

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Frank Riemensperger Chairman of Advisory Board



Despite our state-of-the-art technology that allows us to work from any location, proximity to our clients is important to us. We are there for you at the following locations.

Netrics Biel AG

Tennisweg 6
2504 Biel/Bienne
T +41 58 531 31 31

Netrics Bern AG

Morgenstrasse 129
3018 Bern
T +41 31 550 05 00

Netrics Thun AG

Aumattweg 66
3613 Steffisburg
T +41 58 531 31 31

Netrics Zürich AG

Sägereistrasse 33
8152 Glattbrugg
T +41 44 872 20 00

Netrics Singapur Pte.

Battery Road, Bank of China Building #25-01
Singapore 049908
T +41 58 531 31 31

AliceBlue AG

Lange Gasse 47
4052 Basel

Our infrastructure

The highly secure, high-performance and ISO-certified data centers of our partners in Bern, Biel, Thun and Zurich offer you maximum security and availability. By combining these solutions with public cloud services, we can turn hybrid scenarios to meet every need into a reality.


As an independent Swiss solutions provider, we help companies to realize their digitalization potential. Our extensive certification guarantees quality and professionalism – every step of the way.

Quality-, IT Service Management- and Security Policy

We act as a reliable partner for our national and international customers for Modern Workplace, Cloud Transformation and Infrastructure. In order to provide our customers with the best possible support in an increasingly competitive market environment and to contribute to their success, we are committed to the following goals and principles.

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