Farewell, Digital Stone Age! We can instantly transform your workplace from a comfort zone into a productive environment.

Digitisation is one of the most important factors in implementing flexible working models and creating a modern working environment. Companies can position themselves as desirable employers and attract highly qualified staff more easily. The positive employee experience strengthens employee loyalty and promotes the development of in-house expertise.

Working digitally facilitates and enhances collaboration within and between teams, leading to greater productivity and efficiency. As an IT service provider, we specialise in setting up the working environment such that everyone involved experiences it positively. With our solutions for the Modern Workplace and Collaboration, we set up your framework for designing a contemporary and visionary workplace.

As an equal sparring partner, we bring together important skills, methods and many years of experience for further developing your Modern Workplace strategy. We support you in embedding new work in your corporate strategy and culture, design technology and assist you in establishing operational concepts – in an integrated, coordinated, and step-by-step manner.

Modern Workplace

Today, the workplace is much more than the place where you work. It is where teams cooperate, exchange ideas and drive innovation. We help you turn this place into a breeding ground for productivity, creativity and flexibility.

The aim is to sustainably establish new work step by step as a key competency in management, processes and with employees. Our modern workplace solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate hardware, software and cloud services to create a work environment that enhances your employees' performance.

Our innovative services and solutions include: 

  • Cloud computing 
  • IT security and governance 
  • Collaboration 
  • Based on virtual desktop or M365 technologies
  • Mobile workstations & working remotely
  • Monitoring  
  • Hardware and software integration 
  • Data & device encryption
  • Courses and training programmes
  • Automation
  • Cost optimisation
  • Support and service management 


A modern, flexible and attractive working environment brings you many benefits. It is a decisive factor in the battle for the best talent. It offers more opportunities for effective data protection & security and contributes to reducing energy consumption. In addition, modern workplace solutions offer companies a high degree of flexibility and can be quickly adapted to changing business requirements.

Your benefits

Maximum availability – anywhere, anytime!
High employee satisfaction & productivity
Remote support & management
More data security


Remote work and distributed teams require barrier-free and seamless collaboration. As an IT service provider, we know that collaboration tools are an integral part of the modern workplace. Together we will develop your effective collaboration strategy, which includes all important data and information concepts. We will implement your strategy using state-of-the-art technologies and applications.


Our services at a glance:

  • Implementation and management of your corporate and governance policies
  • Integration of video conferencing tools
  • Implementation of workflow and collaboration tools such as Teams and SharePoint
  • Integration of Teams telephony
  • Integration of Microsoft 365 into the IT infrastructure
  • Support and maintenance of collaboration tools
  • Analysis and optimisation of the existing collaboration strategy

Your benefits

Seamless integration of business apps
Simultaneous collaboration of multiple people & teams
Cost savings through fewer in-person meetings & reduced travel costs
Intuitive & simple user interface
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