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Are you fit for the future? Are you looking to forge ahead into new dimensions, create excellent experiences and see their impact for yourself? Then you′re exactly the person we′re looking for! You don′t just want any job. You′re looking for your perfect job, where you can play to your strengths, share your knowledge and make an impact with your team. Do you find developing your abilities, your personality and your team one of the most rewarding aspects of your work? If so, we should get to know one another, because we have our fingers on the pulse of the digital transformation and are making the future a reality today. Come with us on our journey and turn technology into excellent experiences.

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Who we are

With around 140 employees at locations in Bern, Biel, Thun and Zurich, Netrics is a powerful cloud and ICT service provider in Switzerland. By combining cloud and infrastructure offerings, we create great experiences for employees and customers. In addition to the cloud transformation, we accompany organisations and teams in the implementation of suitable models for modern collaboration and use our concentrated expertise for this. We are convinced that the user experience can be improved through the targeted use of future-oriented.

Taking this approach allows businesses to secure lasting success. And that′s what the Netrics team aims to achieve. Quickly finding specific solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow – in partnership with our clients. We have our fingers on the pulse of the digital transformation, making the future a reality today. Do you want to forge ahead into new dimensions with us, create excellent experiences and see their impact for yourself? Then join us on our journey and turn technology into an experience.

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What we stand for

Enthusiasm for your job – day in, day out. Do you need a sense of purpose in your life – something that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Are you looking for a workplace where you feel at home, where you can grow, participate and play an active role, and where the Sunday night blues are just hearsay? Are you dreaming of a job that′s the perfect fit for you, your creativity and your individuality – one that allows you to tailor your work to your situation? Would you like a workplace that allows you to flourish and simply be yourself?

Then you′re the perfect fit for our Netrics team. Age is irrelevant, as are gender and background. What counts is what you want to contribute now. With us, you can create excellent experiences, make full use of your strengths and abilities, whether for the benefit of the team or for our clients, and continually develop your skills – whatever your position. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities, diversity, new working practices and a work/life balance.

What we offer

Creating excellent experiences for employees and clients alike is the focus of our day-to-day activities and is reflected in our working conditions, our work structure and our corporate culture. We attach a great deal of importance to the wellbeing of all of our employees and believe that great ideas
need an atmosphere of freedom and mutual respect to thrive. We therefore encourage your personal and professional development and, in addition to a working environment that you can flourish in, offer brilliant benefits and an ideal work/life balance as our way of saying «thank you» on a daily basis.

What your working environment looks like

Our working environments at our different locations are unique, but share a common focus: creating an atmosphere where creativity can thrive. Discover our diversity in our teams and working environments.

What employees say about us

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Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
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