Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Then let us move your IT infrastructure to the cloud!

Anyone who still uses a traditional IT infrastructure today is lagging behind. With our public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, we put you in the fast lane. We help you transform your business processes and leave your competitors behind.

Cyber security is the focus here. We design individualised cyber security concepts for typical threat scenarios to protect your data and infrastructure from a variety of cyber attacks.

Private Cloud

Say goodbye to worrying about hardware and software updates and focus instead on growing your business. We seamlessly integrate our private cloud solution into your existing IT infrastructure while you retain full control of your IT systems and data or hand over the entire management to our specialists.

Our services include:

  • Scalable and secure cloud infrastructure that gives you the freedom to focus on your business
  • Smooth data migration and backup
  • Flexible resource management: We adapt your IT infrastructure to your business needs and can add or remove additional resources at any time
  • Private cloud solutions tailored to your needs
  • Managed Services: Our private cloud solutions are managed by an experienced team of IT experts. As a result, you can focus on your core business
  • Licence management
  • Monitoring
  • Implementation of individual security and compliance policies
  • 24/7 support and maintenance to keep your cloud infrastructure running at full speed
  • Powerful disaster recovery feature – your data and applications are always available

Your benefits

Individual configurations in terms of infrastructure & network
Structuring of individual Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Cost variability: Service-specific expenses instead of high investment costs («OPEX instead of CAPEX»)
Integration of specific hardware components

Public Cloud

The public cloud gives businesses access to unlimited resources and features. Unlike the private cloud, which is intended for a single company, the public cloud can be shared by many companies. Our certified Azure architects and experts advise you on the transformation of your infrastructure or your applications to the cloud - from analysis and implementation to operation and the downstream continuous improvement process.

Our public cloud solution includes a wide range of services:

  • We offer a variety of platform services, such as database and container management, enabling you to seamlessly deploy your applications in the cloud.
  • Based on Microsoft Azure technologies, we provide you with the necessary infrastructure and services (IaaS and PaaS) to operate your applications and data in the public cloud.
  • Our cloud experts take over the automated provision of cloud resources and management of cloud infrastructures and workloads as part of our Managed Services.
  • Together with you, we design your resource planning in order to respond to your changing business requirements.
  • We carry out comprehensive and standardised monitoring and alerting.
You can operate your business processes effectively in the public cloud and take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology:

Your benefits

Cost-optimised provision of cloud workloads through «pay-as-you-go»
Scalability & adaptability to changing business requirements
High availability due to globally distributed data centres
No investment & maintenance costs

Hybrid Cloud

Do you want the best of both worlds? Then a hybrid cloud strategy, with a solution that we develop individually for you, is just the right thing! Take advantage of the private and public cloud by distributing your applications and data across both environments according to your security and compliance requirements. The management is carried out by our specialists. 

This solution offers you:

  • Advice on selecting the most suitable cloud model and development of a comprehensive strategy for implementating your hybrid cloud solution
  • Integrating the hybrid cloud into your existing IT infrastructure and ensuring all systems work together smoothly
  • Support with data management, including data migration, data security and data analysis
  • Monitoring and support

By using the hybrid cloud, companies can enjoy the following benefits of the public and private cloud:

Redundancy & high availability by combining different cloud solutions
Ability to implement individual requirements for data security & data access by using private cloud solutions
Optimisation of costs & performance through the targeted use of public and private cloud solutions

CAD from the cloud - efficient & powerful

Netrics' GPU Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that need a fast, secure and flexible way to process graphics-intensive applications.

Our advanced service architecture, combined with the latest NVIDIA technology and dedicated and guaranteed GPU computing power, provides a powerful computing platform specifically designed for graphics-intensive workloads such as CAD modelling, rendering and virtual reality.

The modular and secure cloud concept makes it easy to integrate Modern Workplace, Collaboration and Teams Voice into workstations for a superior user experience.

If you are looking for a powerful, scalable and secure GPU platform, our GPU Private Cloud is the ideal solution for your business.

Our service:

  • High-performance, dedicated NVIDIA GPU desktops per user
  • Provisioned and operated from Swiss data centres
  • Integration of Modern Work, Collaboration and other users without GPU requirements
  • Centralised and high security of your data and application through managed service platform
  • Central management and monitoring by Netrics service engineers

Your benefits

Location & device-independent working
Single SignOn & high performance create a great user experience
Combination of Modern Work, telephony & individual System Landscape
Netrics service model saves expensive investments in secure GPU workstations
Non-persistent desktop approach & ransomware protection ensure high security
Cristian Leusciatti

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