The invisible force: A strong IT infrastructure drives your business forward

Having a reliable and powerful IT infrastructure is crucial to any company. We will provide you with the most important building blocks to turn your IT infrastructure into a powerful machine. We focus on data centres and networks, which are at the heart of any modern IT infrastructure.

Data centres

State-of-the-art Swiss data centres form the basis for our modern cloud platforms and are also available to our customers as colocation services. We can provide individual racks, entire cages and tailor-made private rooms. The data centres form the hub for connectivity services of any scale.

We offer you the following services:

  • Racks in various sizes and connection capacities are available to house your server infrastructure
  • Shared use with other customers, which minimises costs and is billed on a usage basis
  • Netrics specialists are also available to work on your infrastructure as part of the Hands & Eyes services
  • We support you in relocating and dismantling your old data centre, disposing of it and repurposing the space that has become available

Your benefits

All data centres networked with our own high-performance backbone
Connection to global hyperscalers of Microsoft Azure, AWS & Google Cloud
Biometric access systems, ISO 27001 certified, FINMA compliant
CO2-neutral through the use of renewable energies


Reliable data communication is essential to the success of any company and a prerequisite for a great experience for employees and customers. Many companies are therefore switching to the cloud, but without a stable network growing continuously along with it, even the most sophisticated cloud strategy is of no use to anyone. The internet, site connections and security features (Quality of Service) must function smoothly. The server must always be accessible.

Network: From internet connection to site networking

Regardless of whether you value an absolutely reliable internet connection or want to network your company securely: The forward-looking and fast fibre optic technologies open up a wide range of possibilities for data exchange between your company's individual sites and the cloud. 

We offer you the following services:

  • High-performance connection to the Internet with high bandwidths and optimum availability
  • Networking of your locations based on modern technologies using fibre optics
  • Direct connections to the public clouds of the most important cloud providers

Your benefits

Scalable network solutions with high availability
Optimal price-performance ratio
Guaranteed smooth performance of your systems through Quality of Service configurations
Mischa Hächler

Where will you be in the future, when you move?

Regardless of whether you have already started your journey or you are still planning it - as your partner, we accompany you in every phase with know-how and experience. During the step-by-step transformation, our agile approach enables the fast and efficient achievement of partial results. At the same time, we establish sensors and measuring points as a basis for the ongoing further development of the implemented solution. Contact us now to learn more!

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