Data centers and communication – how important is the environment to you?

Meeting all of the security, availability and energy efficiency needs associated with your own data center can prove to be expensive. In hybrid or geo-redundant scenarios, establishing an additional data center site is unlikely to pay off. On top of this, demands for eco-efficiency and certification are growing. How can you overcome all of these challenges? We have the answers.


How can I minimize my business′ environmental footprint?


How can I combine my telephony solution with the latest communication resources such as Microsoft Teams?
How can I avoid expensive investments in in-house data center infrastructure in future?
How can I migrate my infrastructure to a data center and continue to use my existing connections?


How can I link applications used in my business, for example in Production, with infrastructure in the external data center or the cloud?


With an external data center, how can I ensure the necessary response and intervention times?
How can I be sure that an external data center is meeting the necessary compliance and security requirements?


How can I combine my infrastructure with the public cloud?

Do you know how much your in-house data center is costing you?

Many companies run their own data centers but record the expenses in separate calculations, failing to examine the overall costs involved. We help you calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your data center.

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Do you sleep better knowing your IT infrastructure is in someone else′s hands?

Whether you′ve already begun your journey or are still at the planning stage, as your partner we offer you our expertise and experience every step of the way. During the step-by-step transformation, the agile approach allows you to achieve interim results quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we establish sensors and checkpoints as a basis for further developing the implemented solution. Following transformation, we guarantee reliable and secure operation of your solution by maintaining the service levels defined in the operating model.

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