High Density: Datacube Münchenstein

Datacube Münchenstein combines all the advantages of a state-of-the-art data center. It offers optimum protection for your infrastructure and your data. It complies with the highest structural requirements, ensuring protection against break-ins, earthquakes, flooding, fire and lightning strikes. Meticulous biometric access control is in place, guaranteeing the highest possible security.
Our other data center in Münchenstein – the DC13 – is the perfect backup location for Datacube Münchenstein. It is also possible to have a georedundant setup with the Datacube twin in Biel. Contact us – we will advise you on the data center setup that meets your requirements.

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Unrivaled energy efficiency

Datacube’s design is based on cutting-edge energy efficiency standards. Its low PUE* value of 1.24 indicates an excellent ratio of processing power to other consumers such as the cooling system.

* PUE (power usage effectiveness): The closer the PUE value is to 1, the more efficiently the data center is running.


Enormous power density

When business heats up, Datacube has no trouble keeping pace. At peak times, around 10 kW of power are available per square meter, which equates to a potential annual supply of 87,600 kWh for each individual rack. That’s enough to keep 50 electric cars running for a whole year or to cover the annual power consumption of 16 households.

Maximum building security

Whether it’s providing fire protection, earthquake safety or cutting-edge access control using palm vein scanners, the state-of-the-art Datacube is equipped for every eventuality. As a measure of its high reliability, Datacube has been awarded Tier III certification.

The advantages for you at a glance

Scalable performance

The power supply is redundant (2N) and has been classified as Tier IV. This means availability of 99.999% is achieved.

A professional technical solution ensures that there is a reliable energy supply down to rack level: the highest redundancy (2N) in emergency power systems with a diesel supply for at least 48 hours, in transformer stations, UPS systems, main distributors and individual sub-distributions.

Readiness and escalation procedures are implemented and 24/7 support is guaranteed 365 days a year. Permanent monitoring ensures a quick response.

The data center has a high power density. Power densities of up to 25 kW per rack can be partially supported and cooled accordingly.
The power output required is flexible and can be increased for installation work without interrupting operations.

High efficiency, the environment and sustainability

When the data center was designed and planned, attention was consistently paid to energy efficiency and sustainability. The following measures contribute to protecting the environment, greater sustainability and a low PUE value.

The Münchenstein data center has a PUE value of less than 1.24.


Cooling system

In addition to the power supply, cooling must also be guaranteed at all times. Without a cooling system, temperatures can rise so rapidly within a few minutes that the servers can initiate an automatic emergency shutdown to protect the system from any damage caused by overheating.

All cooling system components are redundant with Tier III certification (N+1).

A cold air supply of 24°C (+/- 2°C) is guaranteed. Humidity is kept between 30% and 60%.

Free Cooling

Instead of cooling using expensive cooling machines, free cooling from the surrounding area is used. Free cooling systems differ from traditional liquid cooling systems in that they have an additional water/air heat exchanger. Free cooling systems can be operated efficiently without energy-intensive compressors as long as the outside temperature is less than 18°C–20°C.


The server racks are completely contained and are run using a hot aisle containment system. This significantly improves energy efficiency compared to traditional room cooling.

Use of waste heat

The surrounding office space is heated using the waste heat from the data center. This means that the energy generated is reused. The emergency power supply systems are also preheated using the waste heat from the data center instead of using the conventional electrical system. The waste heat is used by a local heating network and larger companies near the data center.

Service corridor

Using cooling walls and the isolated service corridor means that the customer area can be completely disconnected from the technology. The data center operations team does not have to enter the customer area for any maintenance work.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning for the data halls is provided by oversized cooling walls – each one with its own redundancy. The air flow runs horizontally from the halls’ cooling air volumes through the customer IT systems into hot aisles.

Rack size:
Modular flexible rack fitting
800 mm wide x 1200 mm deep x 54 RU
54 Rack units (25% more rack space)

Includes 2x metered PDUs


Fire protection

Only non-flammable materials were used in construction and development.

To detect potential fires or smoldering fires as early as possible, an early fire detection system has been installed as well as a fire alarm system. This system works with laser analysis for intake air. All alarms are forwarded to the control center. The fire alarm system is also directly connected to the fire brigade.

Fire fighting

A gas-based fire suppression system is installed in data center rooms (ICT rooms), which extinguishes any fires. The gas (nitrogen/argon) suppresses the fire and prevents it from spreading by lowering the oxygen content.

Hand-held CO2 fire extinguishers are also provided.


Security is the top priority for us. Strict security measures protect your equipment. The building is monitored by electronic burglar alarm systems and security guards 24 hours a day. Proof of identity is mandatory for visitors and is verified against an access list provided by the customer. All visits are registered and video surveillance cameras monitor all activities in the security zones.

Access to the data center is managed around the clock using a multi-level, state-of-the-art security system.

All monitoring and access control data is recorded and archived for long-term retrieval.


Entrances to communal and customer areas are secured by a turnstile system that only grants access to one person at a time. Materials can be delivered and issued directly via a goods hatch that leads from the fenced-in area into the building. The transit area guarantees that nobody can get into the building together with the materials.

It is possible to access the customer room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Several security levels are required to gain access to individual computer rooms. The building is protected by electronic and biometric access systems that include five security levels:

  • Perimeter protection
  • Turnstile systems
  • Electronic access controls
  • Biometric palm vein scans
  • Access badge for all access doors, customer rooms and customer racks
Structured cabling

Structured cabling facilitates quick and flexible connections to the carrier room or other customer rooms. Structured cabling from the central patch room to the carrier room and from there to the customer room can be implemented using glass and/or copper cross-connect lines. The interconnect connections are created using patch cables within the central patch room, to which only authorized data center employees have access. Your most important advantages:

  • Quick creation of customer-specific connections
  • Possible to establish redundant connections
  • Administration and management by the operator
  • Metered, guaranteed connection using a standardized cabling structure (FO fiber type, connector type, clean structure, overview and management)

Network / carrier connection

Operation of the data center is carrier-neutral. You can conclude a contract with the provider that is best for you.

  • The building’s accessibility is designed with redundancy (separate building entries).
  • A cable route ring for data and fiber optic cables is installed inside the building, which guarantees a redundant feed line from two independent carrier rooms to the customer’s equipment. Four fiber optic in-feeds in the building for multiple redundant connections.
  • The four customer data center rooms are accessed via separate raised zones.
  • The operator manages all cabling via a cable management system and monitors all cabling activities to guarantee a high level of service quality.

The following carriers are available in the carrier rooms:
Swisscom, UPC, Sunrise, Quickline AG, Netrics, Energie Service Biel, Gas&Com, SFN Swiss FibreNet, SwissIX

Additional building infrastructures
  • Space for dispatching goods, processing and preparation, disposal
  • Storage area
  • Office space
  • Meeting rooms
  • Staging room
  • Parking spaces
Operation services

Netrics ensures that your infrastructure is run securely and reliably. This includes a stable and uninterrupted power supply and cooling capacity as well as building security. Operation includes: servicing and maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting, and replacing infrastructure in a timely manner. Netrics’ operating services are included in the rental prices. The guaranteed service quality (SLA) is agreed in writing.

  • Facility management and system operation 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Data center services: Hand & Eyes, Remote Hands, IMAC (install, move, add and change) services
  • 2nd side in various fire compartments and buildings, data centers
  • Cloud and backup platforms, operational performance and SLAs

All Netrics data centers meet the EN 506001 standard as a Code of Conduct.

Datacube Münchenstein and Datacube Biel are Netrics’ own data centers. They are Tier III based on Uptime Institute guidelines and are certified under ISO 27001. Electricity is obtained from renewable energy sources.

Netrics Holding AG and its subsidiaries have the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 (recommendations for implementing information security for cloud services) and ISO 27018 (best practices for data protection in the public cloud).

All Netrics data centers are operated in line with FINMA circular 18/3 (outsourcing banks). In addition, we employ qualified staff who have been with the company for many years and all staff have signed a confidentiality agreement in accordance with Article 47 of the Banking Act (Bankengesetz).

Hands & Eyes, Remote Hands

Reliable and expert infrastructure maintenance is crucial for your uninterrupted business operations. You don’t have to travel to Datacube for smaller installations, troubleshooting or similar work. As part of our Hands & Eyes service, specially trained Netrics staff take on these tasks for customers on site, following detailed instructions.

Different models are available, depending on the ability to plan work and timings. Remote maintenance support can be provided during business hours and outside of business hours around the clock by arrangement. Overview of services (non-exhaustive list):

  • Manually stopping and starting IT equipment, monitoring the boot process
  • Inserting and removing data storage devices (CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, tapes) and storing them in the customer’s rack or cage
  • Changing labeled tapes and storing them in the customer’s rack or cage, and preparing for relocation
  • Checking the externally visible status of customer components
  • Entering commands on a keyboard console following telephone or written instructions, interventions based on a checklist
  • Monitoring, descriptions or reporting key indicators
  • Network patch work
  • Logistics (receipt, delivery checks, warehousing, unpacking, etc.)
  • Training on DL service and high-availability systems

As a long-standing operator of data centers, we have in-depth experience in dealing with customer migrations. We carry out relocation, dismantling and construction, move scenarios and modernization, as well as consolidation in the data center area, both efficiently and proficiently.

Datacube Münchenstein in numbers

Year of construction: February 2015
Data center area: 3,615 m2
Data center usable area: 2,200 m2 (2 halls, each 1,100 m2)
Racks: 600 racks in total
Office space: 450 m2
Data center system area: 950 m2
Data center operation area: 150 m2
High density data center: yes
Max. network load: 6 MW, max. 7.5 MW
Power density: 4.5 kW/m2, partial 10kW/m2, max. 25 kW/rack



Datacube Münchenstein
Weidstrasse 40
4142 Münchenstein

Datacube Münchenstein is located a few minutes from the city center of Basel, near the border triangle between Switzerland, Germany and France. The data center is well-connected to the power supply and communication systems and is networked in a growing economic area. It is 600 meters from the train station and approx. 2 km from the main roads by car. Basel-Mulhouse international airport is 20 minutes by car or train.


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