One for all: Datacube

Datacube Münchenstein combines all the advantages of a state-of-the-art data center. It offers optimum protection for your infrastructure and your data. It complies with the highest structural requirements, ensuring protection against break-ins, earthquakes, flooding, fire and lightning strikes. Meticulous biometric access control is in place, guaranteeing the highest possible security.

Infrastructure – Datacube Münchenstein

Unrivaled energy efficiency

Datacube′s design is based on cutting-edge energy efficiency standards. Its low PUE* value of 1.24 indicates an excellent ratio of processing power to other consumers such as the cooling system.

* PUE (power usage effectiveness): The closer the PUE value is to 1, the more efficiently the data center is running.

Enormous power density

When business is hotting up, Datacube has no trouble keeping pace. At peak times, around 10 kW of power are available per square meter, which equates to a potential annual supply of 87,600 kWh for each individual rack. That′s enough to keep 50 electric cars running for a whole year or to cover the annual power consumption of 16 households.

Maximum building security

Whether it′s providing fire protection, earthquake safety or cutting-edge access control using palm vein scanners, the state-of-the-art Datacube is equipped for every eventuality. As a measure of its high reliability, Datacube has been awarded Level 3 certification.

Advantages for you at a glance

Reliability The redundant power supply and data feed form the foundation of Datacube′s high 99.999% availability.
Round-the-clock monitoring All the systems and the key operating parameters are automatically monitored at Datacube. Highly qualified specialists can intervene instantly and can call on additional expert teams to correct discrepancies or faults in the operation of the Datacube facility at any time.
Unlimited networking Access to your data has to be guaranteed at all times. Datacube ensures this is the case by configuring redundant connections. In-house solutions, optimized for Datacube use, are available for data exchange between your location or the cloud and Datacube. As an option, you can also use solutions provided by an external connectivity partner.
Dynamic energy consumption Datacube dynamically adapts to your energy consumption. During peak hours, you have access to up to 10 kW electricity per square meter. And with around 2,500 square meters of floor space available, there′s plenty of room for your business to grow.
Powerful cooling With such a high output, cooling the systems is especially important. Datacube features a redundantly configured cooling system that can remove all heat produced at any time.
First-rate: our quality assurance

Data security is a top-priority issue nowadays. To meet growing data security requirements, it is essential that we have a data security management system. Ours is certified to international standards by Switzerland′s leading certification authority – SQS.


Our data center is ISO certified to ISO/IEC 27001


Excellent energy efficiency Datacube′s energy systems operate extremely efficiently since they′re constantly being optimized, and this has allowed us to achieve a PUE of 1.24. The PUE (power usage effectiveness) indicates how much power is used for other sources alongside the processing output – such as cooling systems. The closer the PUE value is to 1, the more efficiently the data center is running. Datacube has been recognized by the PUEDA development program and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy on account of its excellent PUE value of 1.24.
An ingenious ventilation system Datacube′s racks are cooled by an ingenious ventilation system. Highly efficient cooling units, operating in different modes according to the outside temperature, produce the required cooling effect. Only when the outside temperature exceeds 77°F does the environmentally compatible, carbon-friendly ammonia cooling system kick in, guaranteeing a constant interior temperature at all times.
Recycling waste heat Heat produced by the servers running at Datacube is fed to the district heating system at the adjacent EBM industrial campus, where it plays a role in delivering energy-efficient heating.

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