Data centers – the safe haven for your data

In the era of digitalization and the cloud, locally present data centers in the relevant countries are playing an increasingly important role for cloud providers. They are also gaining in significance among businesses in the enterprise sector, in certain industries and among ambitious SMEs. Meeting all of the security, availability and energy efficiency needs associated with your own data center can prove to be expensive. In hybrid or geo-redundant scenarios, setting up an additional data center site is unlikely to pay off. 
In our state-of-the-art Swiss data centers in the Zurich, Basel and Biel regions, we offer you an outstanding and flexible framework to accommodate your infrastructure and data. We are responsible for all the data center operations and, in combination with our network services, ensure a high-performance connection to your locations or to the key cloud providers. Our data center migration services help you to rehome your infrastructure and data quickly and efficiently.

Colocation services – from the rack to the cage

Our state-of-the-art data centers in the Zurich, Basel and Biel regions offer flexible colocation solutions in all shapes and sizes. They range from an individual rack to customized private rooms. Our Netrics specialists can also offer additional assistance with work on your infrastructure (e.g. installing and removing data carriers, storing and exchanging backup media, network cabling, etc.) as part of our Hands & Eyes services.

¼ to full rack
¼ to full rack
Huge capacity, even in the smallest of spaces

Various sizes of racks with different power ratings are available to accommodate your server infrastructure. You share them with other clients. This minimizes the usage-based costs.

How you benefit

  • Selectable size: ¼ to one full rack
  • Output of up to 25 kW
  • High level of security due to a biometric access system
  • Energy costs effectively based on consumption
Private Cage
Private Cage
Your own maximum-security space for your infrastructure

Customized rooms are available to meet specific requirements. They are tailored to client specifications and feature additional security systems.

How you benefit:
  • Structurally separate room, from 20 m2
  • Choice between high density and low density, depending on power requirements
  • Multiply redundant power supply (2N)
  • Cooling system with redundant production, storage and distribution
Hands & Eyes
Hands & Eyes
A helping hand for your infrastructure

Our Netrics specialists can offer additional assistance with work on your infrastructure as part of our Hands & Eyes service.

How you benefit:
  • Putting your technicians to efficient use
  • There′s always a technician on site
  • Work is carried out as needed or according to a predefined plan

Infrastructure – Datacube Münchenstein

Unrivaled energy efficiency

Datacube′s design is based on cutting-edge energy efficiency standards. Its low PUE* value of 1.24 indicates an excellent ratio of processing power to other consumers such as the cooling system.

*PUE (power usage effectiveness): The closer the PUE value is to 1, the more efficiently the data center is running.

Enormous power density

When business is hotting up, Datacube has no trouble keeping pace. At peak times, around 10 kW of power are available per square meter, which equates to a potential annual supply of 87,600 kWh for each individual rack. That′s enough to keep 50 electric cars running for a whole year or to cover the annual power consumption of 16 households.

Maximum building security

Whether it′s providing fire protection, earthquake safety or cutting-edge access control using palm vein scanners, the state-of-the-art Datacube is equipped for every eventuality. As a measure of its high reliability, Datacube has been awarded Level 3 certification.

Data centers – how you benefit

Netrics_Icon_Network_green_RGB Connectivity
  • Six locations
  • All the data centers are networked with our very own high-performance backbone
  • Connection to the global hyperscalers Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
  • International peering
  • A community of more than 40 carriers for the best possible selection of services, IP transit, peering agreements and dark fiber
  • Direct connection to SwissIX
Netrics_Icon_Sicherheit_green_RGB Security
  • 99.999% availability
  • Certified in line with ISO 27001
  • Compliant with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority′s requirements
  • Biometric access systems and turnstiles
  • Fire protection systems and gas-based firefighting systems 
Netrics_Icon_Umwelt_green_RGB Environment
  • Carbon-neutral, due to use of renewable energy
  • Low PUE values

Our data centers near you

Our seven Swiss data centers offer good coverage in German-speaking Switzerland and are all connected to our backbone. We′d be happy to advise you in person concerning what data center would best meet your needs. Contact us!


Tennisweg 6
2504 Biel/Bienne


Weidenstrasse 41
4142 Münchenstein
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Datacenter 13, Münchenstein

Weidenstrasse 13
4142 Münchenstein

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Sägereistrasse 35
8152 Glattbrugg

Equinix ZH4,

Josefstrasse 225
8005 Zurich

Equinix ZH5,

Allmendstrasse 9
8102 Oberengstringen

Our journey together to the data center

Outsourcing infrastructure to an external data center is a complex undertaking. Our six-step Netrics compass is designed to help you navigate your journey and achieve quick, effective and quantifiable results. Whether you′ve already begun your journey or are still at the planning stage, as an experienced partner we′ll accompany you every step of the way to the data center.


What to expect

Visit us and experience security in action on a tour of one of our Swiss data centers.

How you benefit

Gain insight into the inner workings of a state-of-the-art data center and find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.


What to expect

Many companies run their own data centers but record the expenses in separate calculations, often failing to examine the overall costs involved. We help you calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your data center.

How you benefit

You′ll find out how to lower your CAPEX and discover how much it is costing you to run your IT infrastructure (OPEX). You′ll learn how an outsourcing model could help you optimize your costs.


What to expect

Together, we will analyze your needs in terms of power demand, security, availability, environmental concerns and connections, and we will draw up a customized outsourcing plan for you.

How you benefit

You will receive a completely comprehensive outsourcing plan that includes issues such as connection to your locations or the cloud. You will have a clear picture of the costs you′ll incur.


What to expect

Once the system is operational, you can make modular performance upgrades at any time, increasing capacity. If you don′t want to perform technical on-site work yourself, a specialist Netrics team is at your disposal.

How you benefit

Netrics Operating Services will ensure orderly operation for you. Implemented sensors and checkpoints allow you to detect incidents and trends at an early stage.


What to expect

You can add to your data center services at any time. When it comes to transforming infrastructure and applications into the cloud, we′ll help you choose the right cloud model and implement hybrid scenarios.

How you benefit

Netrics is your dependable equal partner from the data center to the cloud.

Do you know how much your in-house data center is costing you?

Many companies run their own data centers but record the expenses in separate calculations, failing to examine the overall costs involved. We help you calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your data center.
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Do you sleep better even though your IT infrastructure is in someone else's hands? Or precisely because?

Regardless of whether you have already started your journey or are still planning it - as your partner, we accompany you in every phase with know-how and experience. During the step-by-step transformation, the agile approach enables the fast and efficient achievement of partial results. At the same time, we establish sensors and measuring points as a basis for the ongoing further development of the implemented solution. After the transformation, we guarantee the reliable and secure operation of your solution by maintaining the service level defined in the operating model.

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As an independent Swiss solutions provider, we help companies to realize their digitalization potential. Our extensive certification guarantees quality and professionalism – every step of the way.