Hybrid cloud – the best of both worlds

Enjoy the advantages of a private cloud and combine them with the highly scalable and flexible services that Microsoft Azure has to offer. Hybrid cloud solutions allow you to extend your data center and enjoy the best of both worlds. You alone decide where your applications are run and where data is stored. 
Almost all Microsoft Azure services are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis in this respect and can be reduced or increased at any time. Our certified Azure specialists will accompany you from the analysis and implementation stage to downstream management of the public cloud based on a suitable cloud operating model.

Netrics Operating Services for Azure – NOSA

NOSA – Netrics′ completely carefree package of managed services for the public cloud – features a comprehensive range of services such as

  • Compliance management
  • Governance management
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Security management
  • Backup and recovery
  • Cost optimization

and more besides. Where necessary, the NOSA services can be extended to include your private cloud and integrated into your existing process landscape.


Costs under control

Changes in your business have a lasting effect on your cloud requirements. The public cloud is dynamic and its pricing model is usage-based. The major advantage of this is that the resources you need grow with your business and the security level can be maintained, even in the event of major growth. At the same time, there′s a latent risk of soaring costs. Evaluating and interpreting key metrics and detecting trends helps you avoid nasty surprises. NOSA incorporates cost control and suggests ways to optimize your cost structure.

Which cloud model is the right one for you?

We help you select the ideal cloud model and draw up a suitable transformation road map. In the Netrics Cloud Discovery Workshop, we analyze your existing IT infrastructure and the applications you use and determine your future needs and goals. You will receive a comprehensive gap analysis, featuring solution spaces and recommendations for quick, efficient and secure cloud transformation.
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Pointing you in the right direction on your journey to the cloud

As a certified Microsoft and VMware service provider, we offer you the perfect cloud platform to meet your needs. Whether you require hosting in Switzerland, a public cloud solution or a hybrid variant, at Netrics everything is all available from a single source. Netrics′ standardized procedure model provides the guidance you need. It consists of six clear steps, ranging from analysis and evaluation of a suitable cloud model, to implementation and downstream management of the solution in line with the cloud operating model. Working together, this approach enables us to hit current and future targets – with quick and quantifiable results.


What to expect

Our white paper outlines the crucial questions and provides decision trees to help you choose the right cloud model.

How you benefit

You will gain insight into the different cloud models and understand their advantages and disadvantages. You will be familiar with the most important use cases.


What to expect

In the Cloud Discovery Workshop, we′ll work with you to analyze your existing IT infrastructure and applications and determine your future needs and goals. Based on the existing components′ cloud capability, we′ll draw up a potential transformation road map.

How you benefit

You will receive a meticulous analysis of your situation and be able to visualize how ready your business is for its journey to the cloud. You will have a clear picture of your potential courses of action, taking aspects such as compliance into account.


What to expect

Based on the results of the situation analysis, we will work together with you to define a suitable cloud architecture and the right cloud operating model for downstream operation. We will also highlight commercial aspects and draw up a comprehensive road map.

How you benefit

You will be able to see all the key requirements and dependencies for successful cloud transformation and will have the basis you need for deciding your next step.


What to expect

Netrics′ managed services package is a completely carefree solution that covers the operation and long-term further development of your cloud.

How you benefit

We take responsibility for the secure operation of your infrastructure and applications in the cloud. Sensors and checkpoints keep us in the loop regarding the current status of your cloud at all times and allow us to detect critical incidents or trends at an early stage.


What to expect

The Netrics cloud operating model features an integrated improvement process. In regular discussions with you, we will proactively highlight courses of action that would ensure the continuous improvement and development of your cloud.

How you benefit

You will receive regular updates on the latest incidents and trends. As a result, you will always be aware of your options for optimization, both in technical and commercial terms.

Our cloud advantages for you

Are you looking for an experienced cloud provider who can offer a personalized service, comprehensive advice and Swiss roots?

Netrics_Icon_Azure-Expertise_green_RGB Expertise with Azure Expertise of certified Azure architects and specialists in cloud transformation and application modernization
Netrics_Icon_CH_Private_Cloud_green_RGB Our own private clouds Private cloud services from our very own Swiss data centers
Netrics_Icon_Betriebs-DNA_green_RGB Operational DNA Many years of experience in operating high-availability and secure environments, irrespective of the cloud model selected
Netrics_Icon_Kontinuierliche-Weiterentwicklung_green_RGB Continuous further development A continuous improvement process implemented as standard to create excellent experiences

Is that light on the horizon a cloud?

Get started on your cloud journey today! Whether you′ve already begun your journey or are still at the planning stage, as your partner we offer you our expertise and experience every step of the way. During the step-by-step transformation, the agile approach allows you to achieve interim results quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we establish sensors and checkpoints as a basis for further developing the implemented solution. Following transformation, we guarantee reliable and secure operation of your solution by maintaining the service levels defined in the operating model.

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Excellent experiences for our clients

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