Cloud-based SAP – take your business processes to new heights

As IT landscapes continue to grow in complexity, providing an agile infrastructure requires more and more resources. That′s why it makes sense to migrate SAP systems – depending on their function as productive, test or development environments – to the public cloud either in whole or in part (hybrid).
Netrics′ SAP cloud platform is ideal for innovative businesses that are looking for a fast and flexible platform where they can develop, test and securely operate new SAP solutions.

SAP on Azure

Microsoft′s SAP on Azure offers a reliable, secure cloud solution with comprehensive analysis facilities. We will accompany you throughout migration process to the Azure cloud using best practices and reference architectures. Netrics Operating Services for Azure (NOSA) ensure subsequent operation based on the cloud operating model.

Netrics Operating Services for Azure (NOSA) are primarily suitable for comprehensive solutions such as SAP.

The focus isn′t just on transitioning and provisioning the SAP solution but, above all else, on securely running it. Netrics′ managed services essentially include the following components:
  • Proactive monitoring and alert management  

  • Security management

  • Consumption management

  • Backup management

SAP cloud assessment

The assessment delivers the information we need to assess your potential SAP transition to the cloud – taking into account your requirements for providing the SAP workload in Microsoft Azure. Get started on your journey to the SAP cloud today!

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Our journey together to the SAP cloud

Many roads lead to the SAP cloud. Netrics′ clear, six-step standardized procedure model provides the ideal guidance you need.

Working together, this approach enables us to hit current and future targets – with quick and quantifiable results.


What to expect

Get to know the different cloud services and corresponding operating models, and find out more about best practices with SAP. Find the inspiration you′re looking for and start your journey to the SAP cloud now.

How you benefit

The Netrics Experience Center provides an insight into the different SAP cloud technologies. We compare and demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the different operating modes.


What to expect

Together, we will look at the current status of your SAP implementation and define the requirements for a future solution based on your needs.

How to benefit

We will document your current SAP system landscape and conduct a gap analysis to work out the desired target architecture.


What to expect

Based on your needs and requirements, we will evaluate the ideal SAP cloud solution with the appropriate cloud operating model. Together, we will then define the steps for migration to the cloud.

How you benefit

You will be given all the help you need to choose your future SAP system landscape. You will also understand exactly what is involved in your cloud journey and the associated costs.


What to expect

Your smooth transition to the cloud will be based on the defined cloud operating model. Thanks to dashboards and reports, key metrics will be permanently visible and verifiable.

How you benefit

Netrics Operating Services will ensure orderly operation of the cloud environment for you. Implemented sensors and checkpoints allow you to detect incidents and trends at an early stage.


What to expect

Both SAP and cloud technologies are continuously further developing. Our solutions feature a built-in improvement process. In regular discussions with you, we will proactively highlight courses of action that would ensure the SAP solution continuously improves.

How you benefit

You will receive regular updates on the latest incidents and trends. We use them as a basis for setting out suitable options for optimization, including application-based, technical and commercial aspects.

Is that light on the horizon a cloud?

Migration to an SAP cloud forms the foundation of an agile and flexible SAP system landscape to overcome current and future challenges.

The right cloud model for your business will depend on your needs and goals. We help you make the right decision.

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